Mode of Communication:

After submitting your request for an appointment, I will contact you with the given prefered method of communication to confirm the booked appointment. Please keep all calls clean and respectful or I will end the call and cancel the appointment. Discretion and privacy must always be mutual between us. 


All donations should be placed in an unsealed envelope in a bathroom or visible surface immediately upon arrival rather i am coming to you or you are coming to me. Never negotiate donations with me! I will not discuss any negotiation of rates.If we are in a public establishment please place donation in a giftbag / greeting card.  I asked that you have the full amount for our schedule appointment waiting in the restroom upon my arrival to avoid any misunderstandings or convenience. Please do not try to hand me any donation directly or wait for me to inquire about it. 


Screening is required before any date with me can be set! All information given to me during the screening process is kept confidential and used only to verify you for my personal safety! If i can not screen youth verify you... I can not see you. I will NEVER negotiate my mandatory screening methods! I answer my own inquiries and emails, once verification is finished your information will be discarded.


 Impeccable personal hygiene is a must as I always will be immacualety groomed and fresh and I would like for my gentleman to be as well.


Etiquette doesn’t only include your personal appearance. Good manners are also another important personality trait of gentlemen I choose to see. I will not tolerate any rude behavior, aggressiveness, vulgar language or any behavior that makes me feels uncomfortable! I have the right and will cancel any date that has caused me uncomfortableness and without refund. I am a respectful  and I expect for my gentleman to be as well. Any boundaries crossed also result in immediate appointment cancellation. Always be courteous polite and respectful before during and after appointments.  Please do not share any explicit details, in text, email or over the phone or I will end the call. This is for your safety and mine!

Travel/Extended Dates: 

Dates 4 hours or longer must include outside activity. Fly me to you dates and overnights 12 hours must include 2 hour personal time for my hygiene and grooming as well as sleep time.


Thank you for choosing to spend time with me.

** If you do not hear back from me within 8 hours of submitting a form, please email me at I look forward to meeting you!




•Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended. 
•My donation rates are NON-NEGOTIABLE. 
•The donation for our arrangement should be left in clear view for me immediately upon arrival. Never make me ask for it. 

**If you would like to extend our time, please ask me if I have additional time available and provide additional donation for the time you would like to spend.